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Selection of Defoamers in Coating Formulation

Selection of defoamer for different applications
There are many kinds of defoamer and different characteristics, so the defoamer selected in different formulations is also different.
Flat coating
Features: Low viscosity, low defoaming pressure
Recommendation: mineral oil or mineral oil modified polyether
Elastic Coatings
Features: High viscosity, high defoaming pressure
Formulation: Polyether modified silicone
Surface coating and filmed adhesive
Formula: Polyether, which can effectively prevent surface defects and has little impact on gloss

Precautions for the Use of Defoamer:
Must be fully stirred before use, mix evenly;
Add in the case of stirring paint;
Before use, no dilution by water in general;
The dosage should be appropriate, too much dosage will cause shrinkage, edge shrinkage, poor brushing and other problems; too little dosage will have poor defoaming effect;
It is better to add in two times, that is, in the grinding stage and the paint adjustment stage, generally half of the total amount each time, in the grinding stage, use defoamer with good defoaming ability, in the paint adjustment stage use defoamer with a good bubble breaking effect.

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