About Us

About Us

Company introduction
Shangyan Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R & D and production of special chemicals for more than 20 years, leading in technology, stable in quality and excellent in service. It has developed into one of the leading suppliers of additives and resins in the world. Business development is based in mainland China, facing the world, and has established many sales companies in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other places.

Shangyan Chemical Co., Ltd., master the core technology, the sole criterion of special chemical additives in the world.

For the world, for everyone

Opinion about value
Technology first, service-oriented, focus on research and development, romantic life,
Beauty and romance in the world of earth color magic are accompanied by Shangyan,Create a beautiful and healthy new world hand in hand.

Corporate culture
Customer satisfaction            : Technology efficiency,believe in quality,
                                                 Brand establishment,base on kindheartedness.

Happiness for employees      : care and love influence,pay attention to education,
                                                 System solidification,Enterprise strengthening

Social  tendencies                  : Legal responsibility,development responsibility,
                                                ethical responsibility,charity responsibility.

Business continuity                 : Humanistic management,strategic management,
                                                operation management,risk management.